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About HPMS World...


HPMS is so far the only Purchasing Company in India offering online Purchasing

Management Status to its clients.

HPMS World will provide HPMS India's customers with online budgets, committed

purchase orders, budget variance and summary report, and complete Project Reports

showing details on the consignment status & expected time of arrivals.

HPMSWorld allows HPMS's registered customers access to vital project information

such as; Project Reports and BOQs 24 hours a day 7days a week, anywhere in the


How to Access:
The Access to HPMS World is made available only to its clients and requires a User

Name and Password to view the reports. This ensures that your reports are kept safe

and confidential with us at our Website and cannot be viewed by our other clients.
HPMS provides its clients access to complete BOQs with their Project Status to its


Project status reports:
The report is the most detailed account of the approval, production and delivery

information available today.


It includes :

· All products sorted by individual item in each specified area.

· Vendor’s name and purchase order

· Quantity purchased and received L/Cs, Advance status.

· Shipping details for installation use

· Comments/conversations vital to the success of the project.